Chungha building by MVRDV

The Chungha building has been completed by MVRDV, commissioned by Woon Nam management ltd, in Apgujung Road in Seoul, South Korea.

Chungha building with the integration of colorful LED lights, change completely the multi-use building’s appearance.

Chungha building by MVRDV (5)

“The new façade concept is convincingly simple: Chungha is a multiple identity building which was transformed into a collection of shop windows so each commercial venture imposed onto the façade would have a fitting canvas for its display. The building’s façade becomes more advertisement, and in that sense paradoxically more honest.
Curvaceous frames were found to be the best match to the large amount of shop windows, and a mosaic tile consequently became the façade material to follow the curves. LED lights change the buildings appearance. MVRDV was given nine months to complete the refurbishment. Adding to the complexity was the limited size of the construction site – five storeys tall but only 2,5 metres at its widest point.”

Chungha building by MVRDV (3)

Chungha building by MVRDV (2)

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source MVRDV