Infoverse Cinema-planetarium

An impressive planetarium-like cinema, the Archiview’s Infoversum theatre in Groningen. A dome structure, to make science more accessible to the general public.

The Infoverse Cinema-planetarium with huge white sphere, designed by Architect Jack van der Palen of Archiview.

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The design team, said:

“In time the steel plates will get a beautiful rusty layer, to protect the material underneath from the elements, meanwhile changing the appearance of the building day by day.

To make it stand out more, the dome is coated white, which gives it an artistic appearance showcasing the impressive Dutch skies.

In the dome and in the lobby can one still see the special construction techniques being used and the actual shape of the outer layers.”

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The dome is the basis for the design; the heart of the building and carrier of the dynamic. Analysis into size and slope of the projection dome proved to be a constant test for the organisation and perception of the building. Through intensive collaboration, the schedule, design, and technology have been integrally applied up to the highest optimisation of the possibilities. With as a last check, a 3D walkthrough through the building in the visualisation centre. This has yielded a state-of-the-art, innovative, trendsetting, and inspiring Infoverse.

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