Floating garden

A whale-shaped floating garden designed by Vincent Callebaut, to clean world’s rivers by purifying their waters.

Images © Vincent Callebaut

Vincent Callebaut, the talented architect, the designer of many projects, created this amphibious floating laboratory, museum and garden, to clean the European waterways.

The Physalia measures 9m50 height, 80m length, 14m90. Will be located on European waterways : Seine, Thames, Volga, Danube, Escaut, etc.

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Physalia is a vessel, 100% self sufficient in energy, whose bionic structure is inspired from the pneumatophorous called also “Physalia physalis”, from Greek physalis that means “water bubble”! As this aquatic pneumatophorous, the project is relevant by its perfect symmetry, its oblong shape and its translucent aspect. It is a sum-up of the nature and the biotechnologies dedicated to navigate on the main extra-European rivers between Danube and Volga, between Rhine and Guadalquivir, or also between Euphrate and Tiger. It is a poetic invitation to travel, a sensory experience for the transdisciplinary research, geopolitical debates, popular pedagogy and therefore for the emergence of an ecologic avant-garde on the water theme. It is a charismatic place, an abstraction of landscape opened on the world and mixing the European cultures through an innovative special assembling. It is a ecosystem reacting to its environment, a fragment of living earth, inviting the fauna and the flora of the fluvial biodiversity to come and make its nest in the city!

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source Vincent Callebaut