Clip-Air modular plane

Clip-Air modular plane designed by EPFL scientists it’s a new transportation system. Modules are either loaded on a train or clipped under a flying wing, allowing more flexibility for people or fret transportation.     Have a look at the video…

The Clip-Air project envisions an airplane consisting of a single flying wing onto which capsules carrying passengers or freight can be attached. More than a new type of flying device, its innovative concept could revolutionize the airports of the future.

Clip-Air modular plane (1)

Claudio Leonardi, in charge of the Clip-Air project, said:

“We still have to break down several barriers but we do believe that it is worth to work in such a concept, at odds with current aircraft technology and which can have a huge impact on society.”

Clip-Air modular plane (3)

A Clip-Air aircraft could fit in an airport as it is conceived today. With its autonomous capsule, the size of a railroad car – about 30 meters long and 30 tons heavy – its design is compatible with rail tracks. Therefore, it could eventually revolutionize airport configuration and multimodal mobility. The boarding of either cargo or passengers in the capsule could be done not only at airports but also directly in rail stations or production sites.

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Clip-Air modular plane (2)

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source Clip-Air,  [youtube]