River Bridge Hotel

The Colorado River Bridge Hotel designed by Michael Jantzen is a proposal for a luxury eco-hotel that would span the Colorado River in the form of a large bridge.

River Bridge Hotel According to the designer:  “The structure would span the narrow gorge in the shape of a giant arch which contains all of the hotels facilities.

There would be at least one hundred rooms and several suites. In addition, the hotel would contain a large restaurant, a bar, a gym, a health spa, an indoor pool, and a retail shop. All of these facilities would operate in the most eco-friendly way possible. As an example, the gym would be fitted with exercise equipment that generates electrical power for the hotel when it is being used by the guests.

The guests would actually be able to use the hotel as a bridge since they could walk over the top of the structure on steps that are built into the roof. Guests would also be able to ride one of two capsules from the interior of the hotel down into the river gorge.”

The hotel will be powered by a water-activated turbine be located in the river.

“The purpose of this design proposal is to suggest ways in which large structures can still be built in the landscape in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. With the alternative energy gathering and storage methods I have described (along with many others) it is my hope that a facility like this could be powered completely off of the grid.”

River Bridge Hotel

River Bridge Hotel

source michaeljantzen