Concept BikeEvan Solida’s latest design, the Rael concept bike, has a Hindsight camera lens nicely integrated into the seatstays.

Concept Bike4

That is just one of the features that differentiates this concept bike from other high-end carbon road models on the market. An LED battery indicator for the Di2 drivetrain is included in the stem cap. Brakes are also integrated into the frame and fork leaving a clean overall appearance. The seat-tube is split diagonally and fitted with a dense elastomer. Doing this essentially turns the seat-stays and top-tube into an enor­mous leaf-spring, resulting in a limited amount of suspension. Other details, like the proprietary crankset and wheelset(s) combine to make this bike visually unlike any other.
The patent-pending handlebar/brake concept is perhaps the most interesting detail on this bike though. Evan studied the ergonomics of traditional brake-lever/ handlebar assemblies before developing this new design.

Concept Bike5

Concept Bike3

Concept Bike2

Rael: a road bike concept by Evan Solida [Bicycle Design]

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