Beat the heat with this cool sensation. Cooling plates in this easy to wear contoured neck design provide a cooling sensation your body will appreciate. This CoolWare Personal Cooling System is battery powered, so it goes where you go. It’s great for gardening, hiking, biking, walking, or any outdoor activities in the summer.

Cooling System

Everything you need to keep cool.

This personal cooling system comes with all you need to keep cool this summer with a motorized fan, a cooling system with anodized aluminum construction, a 2 oz. water bottle and one AA battery.

Adjust the motorized fan to the speed you need.

With two power settings, high and low, you can adjust the CoolWare fan speed to what is comfortable for you and enjoy optimum performance in humidity of up to 70%. Its like having a portable AC system around your neck.

Personal cooling system is easy to use.

Simply turn the power switch to “Hi Fan”, and arrange the CoolWare fan on your neck with power switch toward back. Feel the cooling effect in approximately 5 minutes.

CoolWare Personal Cooling System with motorized fan features:

• Fits comfortably around the neck

• Anodized aluminum construction

• Cooling sensation refreshes your body

• Anti-bacterial fabric

• Motorized fan

• 2 power settings

• Refill every 2 to 4 hours or as needed

• Refillable bottle holds 2 oz. water

Download the manual here.