Crabster CR200- Underwater Walking Robot 1

Crabster CR200 is an underwater car-size six-legged walking robot. Designed to survey areas of scientific interest and shipwrecks in turbulent coastal waters of Korea Peninsula down to 200 meters, where currents can reach speeds of 1.5 m/s.   Watch the two videos…


Developed by researchers at the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) and supported by MLTM(Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs) of Korea, is to inspect the seabed structure and shipwrecks off the coast of Korea Peninsula. The robot will explore wrecks despite the powerful surge of tidal current.

Crabster CR200- Underwater Walking Robot 3

A test took place at KIOST’s South Sea Research Institute, located in Geoje City, South Korea.

I was very excited, but on the other hand I was nervous during the test. There are many mechanical and electrical parts inside the legs, such as the electrical motors, reduction gears, amplifiers, and interface boards. If even one sealing is faulty, seawater will enter the container which could cause shorts and corrosion. Any single minor problem would require a long time to fix.

Crabster CR200- Underwater Walking Robot 2

Crabster CR200- Underwater Walking Robot 4

via popsci,   KIOST