Ant behavior

In the stunning video you will see a crazy ant behavior of collective intelligence, when transformed into a chain to pull a dead millipede.   Watch the amazing video…

Ants are a real superorganism and can be only understood by examining them as a group.

Often they are band together to complete a difficult task.

Helen McCreery, a Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado, recently published a paper on all kinds of cooperative transport strategies in ants, said:

“To me, this behavior seems to be different from what’s been observed in other ants (including the weaver ants) in an important way. These Leptogenys are moving their prey by grasping onto ants, instead of all grasping onto the prey itself. One could argue that the chains occur because ants just grab onto anything attached to the prey they are trying to move, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. Ants are very good at telling the difference between one of their sisters (another ant in the colony) and anything else. In my view, that makes this daisy chain behavior very different from other documented cooperative transport.”


In Kerala, India it has been observed by photographer Ciju Cherian, that ants create bridges between gaps in order to cross over and are known as the weaver ants. Photographer Ciju Cherian

via io9