Smart Contact Lense

Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceutical company announced the creation of smart contact lenses, after an agreement with Google.

Novartis eye care division Alcon has entered into to license with Google’s ‘smart lens’ technology for all commercial ocular medical uses.

Novartis CEO Joseph Jimenez, said:

“We are looking forward to working with Google to bring together their advanced technology and our extensive knowledge of biology to meet unmet medical needs. This is a key step for us to go beyond the confines of traditional disease management, starting with the eye.”

Sergey Brin, Co-Founder, Google, said:

“Our dream is to use the latest technology in the miniaturization of electronics to help improve the quality of life for millions of people. We are very excited to work with Novartis to make this dream come true.”

The agreement between Google and Alcon represents an important step for Novartis, across all of its divisions, to leverage technology to manage human diseases and conditions. Google’s key advances in the miniaturization of electronics complement Novartis’s deep pharmaceuticals and medical device expertise. Novartis aims to enhance the ways in which diseases are mapped within the body and ultimately prevented.

Smart Contact Lenses

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