Cubii trainer

Cubii is the first under-desk elliptical, affordable, sleek, ergonomic, trainer, integrating wirelessly with mobile devices and fitness trackers to make sitting healthier.

This is the weapon for “seating is killing you!”

Cubii- Under-desk elliptical trainer allows you to stay active while working without any distraction. Bluetooth integration allows you to keep track of your activity via a mobile app.

Cubii trainer

If you’re already using a fitness tracker, it syncs with that too. Don’t have space or can’t afford a standing or treadmill desk?

Cubii trainer (3)

Cubii facilitates simple, unconscious leg motions preventing any distraction from regular work. The elliptical motion along with appropriate foot angles ensures a smooth and comfortable motion. It is quiet, so you won’t distract others around you! And the exercise is not tedious, so you won’t sweat. It is just enough to keep you active!


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