Cyclist Detection system by Volvo

Time’s are changing! Yes, it’s all getting quite progressive within the motoring world. Why? Volvo has launched its next pioneering safety gadget, and it’s to be called (rather appropriately) the Cyclist Detection system.

What’s the deal with this neat bit of tech then? The Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection has a full auto brake system and is an enhancement on what you’ll already find on Volvo’s extensive range, and it’s got both radars and cameras.

It works by monitoring the car’s surroundings ready just in case a cyclist accidentally (or not) swerves in front of the car. Get this, should anything unexpected happen, the car will help to avoid any collision. To further define, the system uses a camera and radar to sense what’s going on in the area ahead of the car. If a cyclist suddenly makes any moves to the car – something unnatural like, there’s an immediate warning and full braking is activated. If both the camera and the radar confirm the object, and this the immense risk of danger, the brakes get applied and the car will come to a complete and total stop. Epic.

Cyclist Detection system by Volvo

Best thing is, that it doesn’t even interfere with looks and such; Volvo has cleverly inserted a radar into the car’s grille and there’s also a camera in front of the rear view; the radar determines the distance to the object in front with the camera determining the object in question.
Information has emerged recently that half of all cyclists killed in traffic around Europe have collided with a car. So the arrival of this tech should be good news for any bikers, as well as motorists who are struggling with increasingly busy traffic on our streets. Imagine if we could see no deaths on the road as a result of this new development in maybe, ten years? That certainly seems to be a very realistic goal of Volvo’s right now.
To the key info, the system will be available in the S60, V40, V60, XC60, V70, XC70 and S80 from mid-May this year, meaning the XC90 will wait for the launch of the new model, expected to arrive some time in 2014.
We live in exciting times! Is it time for you to change things up and be a little more adventurouswith your motor choices?

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