Light pollution comparisons

Light pollution disappears the stars and the beauty of The Milky Way.   Explore how bright your city is at night with the interactive map by NASA…

Above: Light pollution comparisons using the Bortle Scale. Screenshot from Stellarium.

The interactive map by NASA

interactive map by NASA

Mika McKinnon from space.io9 explains how you can get back Dark Skies:

“I live in a city. I can see pinpricks of bright stars, but I miss the spill of the Milky Way. Cities don’t need to be this bright, and dark skies don’t need to be a distant memory from trips to deserts, mountain tops, and vacations far from home.”

Lighting fixtures rates

Lighting fixtures rated by dark-sky friendliness. Image credit University of Florida.



interactive map by NASA

interactive map by NASA


via space.io9