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The Dash are wireless headphones that are part music player, microphone, fitness tracker, thermometer, heart-rate monitor, that work with or without your phone.

Bragi’s Dash measures body vitals non-invasively. Two tiny LEDs emit low intensity red and infrared light into the capillaries in the ear. The optical reflection of the emitted light reveal the relative amount of red and white blood cells more than 50 times every second. A precise heart rate and oxygen saturation level is calculated with the data.

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The Dash features stereo accelerometers that measures movements and G-Forces. The data is used to calculate pace and distance while running, cadence while biking or the number of laps in the pool.

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The interface to The Dash is a touch sensitive surface much like a trackpad. It registers taps, horizontal and vertical slides. The Dash is easy to use, even when running or cycling.

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Press release:

Munich-based BRAGI is starting a crowdfunding campaign for THE DASH, the world´s first smart
wireless headphones. With a nimble, entrepreneurial approach, combined with staggering prowess in
design, engineering, consumer insights, and user experience, BRAGI introduces a beautiful marriage
of design, audio, wearable tech, biometrics and telephony functionality, all in one product.
Now, athletes, music lovers and design enthusiasts from all around the world can pre-order The Dash
THE DASH is designed to deliver freedom of movement, maximum comfort and an amazing sound.
As the world´s first smart and completely wireless headphones it offers multiple unique features:
THE DASH can play music from an embedded 4GB/1000 song music player or through a Bluetooth
connection with a smartphone.
THE DASH tracks movements like pace, steps, cadence and distance and measures heart rate,
oxygen saturation and energy spent. Real time acoustic feedback is also provided during the activity – even without an attached smartphone.
THE DASH also works as a Bluetooth headset and delivers clear voice quality through an embedded
ear bone microphone. Even though THE DASH provides impressive noise isolation, the wearer can
choose to channel ambient sound into the headphone with the transparent audio feature. Safety
and peace of mind come from awareness of your surroundings, like hearing a car, a cyclist or a voice.
A simple swipe on the touch surface of THE DASH enables or disables ambient sound to pass through.
An iOS App and Android App for THE DASH will be available at product launch for free. THE DASH
will also feature a software development kit and offer open access to processed and unprocessed
data feeds for developers.
The concept for THE DASH was created by Danish entrepreneur Nikolaj Hviid, a former CEO of an
award winning design agency and former Head of Design at a global leading audio company: “I
imagined a discrete assistant that would entertain and take care of me. Help to understand my
body, and let me know when I had reached my limit. Help me to get better at what I do.” says Nikolaj
Hviid. “The Dash is as incredible as I imagined it would be.”
The international team at BRAGI consists of 15 design, software and engineering specialists with an
average of 21 years in work experience. The team holds more than 90 patents and has won more
than 100 design awards. The BRAGI team members have a strong design and manufacturing
background and have brought more than 400 products to market.
Athletes, music lovers and design enthusiasts can now pre-order the world´s first smart headphones
starting at 179$ on Kickstarter.

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