Deformed Skulls discovered in a Mexican Cemetery

Deformed skulls discovered in a Mexican cemetery close to the small village of Onavas, south Sonora. It’s the first pre-Hispanic cemetery of that area, dated 1,000 years ago.   Watch the video…

Images credit: INAH – Past Horizons

Archaeologists have uncovered some skeletons featuring signs of cranial deformation.

The find is the first of the practice, which is well known among Mesoamerican population, of binding a skull to change its shape.

Deformed Skulls discovered in a Mexican Cemetery

According to Past Horizons archaeologist Cristina Garcia Moreno, said:

“Cranial deformation in Mesoamerican cultures was used to differentiate one social group from another and for ritual purposes, while the dental mutilation in cultures such as the Nayarit was seen as a rite of passage into adolescence. This is confirmed by the findings at the Sonora cemetery where the five bodies with dental mutilation are all over 12 years in age.”

Deformed Skulls Image credit: wikipedia

via DailyMail,   Past Horizons