Olympic cauldronThe organizing committee for the London 2012 Olympic games has announced that British architect thomas heatherwick will design the Olympic cauldron.

image above: Olympic cauldrons of years past
top row: 1976 (Montreal, Canada); 2010 (Vancouver, Canada); 2004 (Athens, Greece)
bottom: 2002 (Salt Lake City, USA); 2000 (Sydney, Australia); 1992 (Barcelona, Spain)

Although no images of Heatherwick’s plan have yet been released, the cauldron is expected to sit to the north of the main stadium, and be visible from within the arena.

Olympic cauldron

The architect, who is currently working on the new routemaster bus for transport for London, recently created britain’s dandelion pavilion at the Shanghai world expo.
Olympic cauldronHeatherwick’s most recent large scale project was the British dandelion pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai world expo.