Diamond Planets

According to new research by Yale University astronomers, Carbon-rich or diamond planets, may be more common than previously thought.

The new research states that some of these planets, located far from our solar system, could contain ‘vast deposits of graphite or diamonds.’

John Moriarty Yale doctoral candidate, who led the research, said:

“Despite the relatively small amount of carbon on Earth, carbon has been critical for the emergence of life and the regulation of our climate through the carbon-silicate cycle. It’s an open question as to how carbon-rich chemistry will affect the habitability of exoplanets. We hope our findings will spark interest in research to help answer these questions.”

Nikku Madhusudhan, a former Yale postdoctoral researcher now at Cambridge University, said:

“Our study shows that extraterrestrial worlds can be extremely diverse in their chemical compositions, including many that are drastically different from our earthly experience.”

via phys.org

source Astrophysical Journal