weird web tower

This impressive structure featuring a central web tower, encircled by picket-fence with horizontal rails, measures less than 2 cm, found in the Peruvian Amazon. Until now nobody knows what made itImage © Troy Alexander

Is it a new spiderweb, a fungus, a cocoon…

Troy Alexander in his Rainforest Expedition spotted the bizarre structure on June in the Southern Peruvian Amazon.

He posted a photograph of his discovery and he wrote:

“I posted one of these once before [see left] and got no answers, but at the time I’d only seen one and suggested that it might be an aborted start of a urodid moth cocoon.

I subsequently saw a few more, and they always looked like this, and no more. I assume there are eggs in the base of the maypole in the middle of the horse corral, though it might be something pupating. Please, any ideas?”

The structure and the creature that made it, are still a mystery.

More explanations on Alexander’s reddit thread

Do you have any idea what is this weird web tower 3

Image © Troy Alexander

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