DOL-Fin provides advanced diver propulsion, designed for freediving or recreational scuba diving.   Take a look at the video…

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The DOL-Fin X-20 created by Smith Aerospace from high quality material, feature amazing hydrofoil propulsion giving you the swimming advantage.

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Incorporating high performance swimming attributes, ease of use, comfort and rugged durability, the DOL-Fin X-20 is made with repeatable high-quality manufacturing processes that express the clean lines of an incredible monofin design.

Uses Shimano SPD shoes to achieve an ergonomic diver interface that is comfortable in both warm and cold water diving applications.

Whether you pull back the power to optimize range for a max-dynamic performance, or are thrusting hard against a large negative buoyancy at the bottom of a deep dive, the X-20 delivers consistent high-performance thrust with superior comfort and durability beyond the expectations of even recreational freediving fins.

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