The 17-foot vessel can reach 50 mph on flat water, cruise beneath the surface, and launch 18 feet into the air. The 260-horsepower gas engine–similar to a Jet Ski’s–generates speeds of 50 mph on the surface and 25 mph beneath.



Seabreacher (1)

Seabreacher (2)

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Seabreacher (5)


The  Dolphin ( Sweet Virgin Angel) was the  first enclosed submersible watercraft designed and built by Innespace. The Dolphin has been a research and development platform for many of the engineering concepts that have been incorporated into the new Seabreacher. The Innespace Dolphin has performed demonstrations at boat shows and media events throughout the world for the last ten years. The Dolphin continues to perform live demonstrations and can be leased for commercial promotions. Innespace currently has no plans to develop this vessel for public sale.

Outfitted with a 1500cc engine, a watertight cockpit and six dolphin-like fins, the Innespace Seabreacher redefines personal watercraft.

Air intake at the dorsal fin lets the craft cruise underwater while getting oxygen to the engine.