Scientists from the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology have created an underwater speaker, and may become the first people to communicate with dolphins using their own language.  Image: dolphins in Attica park.

The Scientists with colleagues from tech company Fusion Inc, the build a device that can reproduce the dolphins’ low-frequency sub-20 kiloHertz sounds and the high-frequency sounds, which go up to 150 kHz, that we can’t hear.

“Acoustic studies of dolphins that have been done so far focus mainly on recordings of vocalizations and hearing abilities, but relatively few playback experiments have been conducted. There were no speakers that could project from low to high frequencies like dolphins, although some could project the low-frequency sounds or parts of dolphin sounds.” said Tokyo University grad student Yuka Mishima.

Dolphin speaker by Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology’s “dolphin speaker”

“The next step is to faithfully playback the original sounds of the dolphins by using the dolphin speaker. Once the dolphin speaker is completed it will enable us to playback a variety of dolphin sounds to dolphins, which will help to broaden the research of their acoustic abilities,” notes Mishima.

Source: Acoustical Society of America