Autonomous robot car parking

The Düsseldorf Airport’s autonomous robot car parking “Ray,” knows when your flight arrives, picks up your car with its mechanical arms and delivers it at the concierge.   Take a look at the video…

The Ray autonomous robot car parking, by Serva transport systems provides up to 60% more vehicles in the same area.

This is possible via automated and intelligent parking of vehicles – the parking system detects the size of the incoming vehicle and assigns it to its ideal place. Vehicles of different lengths are parked in a space saving configuration, freeing up more space for more vehicles.

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Ray creates a compact and dense parking solution and smart parks the vehicles by classifying by size.

The system scans each vehicle creating a 3D representation for right spatial management

“Our system shares many the advantages of automatic parking systems, but has greater spatial efficiency. By parking cars in a parallel configuration, we increase the amount of saved space and this is only accomplished by our patented AGV or automatic guided vehicle.

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source Serva