Helix Bridge

The Dynamic ShapeShifting Helix Bridge by sanzpont [arquitectura], Sergio Sanz Pont and Victor Sanz Pont, has won the latest DesignByMany challenge: “Building to Building Pedestrian Bridge”, sponsored by HP and media partner ArchDaily.

Helix Bridge (1)

Helix Bridge (2)

Helix Bridge (3)

Helix Bridge (4)

Helix Bridge (5)


The challenge asked professionals and students in the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) community to submit a proposal to design a pedestrian bridge between to two existing buildings.

The DSSH Bridge was chosen by a select group of judges, including: Andrea Graziano from DigitAG&, Ezra Groskin from Wilkinson Eyre Architects, and Robert Mencarini from SOM.

Located in Montreal, Canada the Dynamic ShapeShifting Helix Bridge is a flexible tensile structure. By applying more tension to different points, a technological dynamic deformation can be achieved in response to the people crossing the bridge.

It becomes a living element that responds to its use.


sanzpont [arquitectura]