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The EADS E-Fan electric aircraft is a two-seat training plane that’s fully electric. Designed by European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company and Aero Composites Saintonge.

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The E-Fan features two lithium-polymer batteries, providing a flight time of an hour, expected to be improved by batteries new technology.

The maximum plane and passenger mass at takeoff is 550kg, has a cruising speed of 100mph and maximum speed of 137mph.

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Jean Botti, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), at EADS, said:

“The introduction of the E-Fan electric aircraft represents another strategic step forward in EADS’ aviation research. We are committed to exploring leading-edge technologies that will yield future benefits for our civil and defense products.

We believe that the E-Fan demonstrator is an ideal platform that could be eventually matured, certified to and marketed as an aircraft for pilot training.”

Sébastien Remy, Head of EADS Innovation Works, explained:

“The idea of distributed propulsion offers the possibility to better optimize individual components such as the gas power unit, which produces only electrical power, and the electrically driven fans, which produce thrust. This optimises the overall propulsion system integration.

The knock-on effect we expect thanks to the improved integration of such a concept is to reduce the overall weight and the overall drag of the aircraft.”

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source EADS