Krubera Earth's deepest cave

Located in the Arabika Massif, of the Western Caucasus in Abkhazia, Georgia, the Krubera cave is the deepest on Earth, at 2,197 meters (7,208 feet).

Images © Krubera Magarası – Abhazya Cumhuriyeti

The Krubera cave extends for 13.432 kilometers (8,346 miles), It is said to be bottomless, but speleologists have managed to map it.

In 2004, for the first time in the history of speleology, the Ukrainian Speleological Association expedition reached a depth greater than 2,000 m, and explored the cave to −2,080 m (−6,824 ft). Ukrainian diver Gennadiy Samokhin extended the cave by diving in the terminal sump to 46 m depth in 2007 and then to 52 m in 2012, setting successive world records of 2,191 m and 2,197 m respectively. Krubera remains the only known cave on Earth deeper than 2,000 metres.

Krubera Earth's deepest cave
Krubera cave mapped

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