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The ECCErobot which initials stand for Embodied Cognition in a Compliantly Engineered Robot, is a three year long development by the 7th structure programme of the EU. The robot is built closely to the human body. It includes bones, tendons, and muscles. Its movement is quite similar to the human one.

The ECCErobot has three main goals. The first one is to build the first robot closest to the mimics of humans. The second is to figure out how to regulate it, and lastly to discover its human-like mental characteristics.

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A research group, which is based at the University of Belgrade and is called ETF robotics (Faculty of Electrical Engineering) investigates the mathematical demonstrating of a robot’s subtleties, robot contact, simulation, control and associated applications of the different robotic schemes. The group is synchronized by the professor Veljko Potkonjak.

Earlier this year, new equipment framework for ECCErobot was awarded 1st place at the International Cultural and Academic Conference of Engineering students. The improvement of ECCErobot is led by robotics specialist Owen Holland along with the ETF robotics investigation group at the University of Belgrade.

By H. G.

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