wind turbine

The Eco Whisper Turbine eliminates the noise and vibration of traditional three bladed wind turbines. It is revolutionizing the small wind turbine market with its unique design and aesthetic appeal.

Australian designed and manufactured, the turbine delivers more energy from more common wind speeds than its three bladed competitors.

‘Eco Whisper’ is rated for the production of 20kW of electricity. Standing 21.1-meters tall and 6.5-meters in diameter, the turbine comprises 30 blades fanning out from a central hub, with both components made from aluminum.

wind turbine

Eco Whisper Turbine automatic slew drive control system changing the direction of the turbine to be facing into the wind. Note the blade speed increases as it faces directly into the wind. The day of the recording was a very light breeze and refer to the tree on the left of the video image.