Egg Mosaics

Oksana Mas is a Ukrainian artist who uses wooden eggs painted by hand to assemble incredible mosaics. Her works are composed of several thousands eggs, all hand painted. She participates in Venice Biennale.


Ukrainian artist Oksana Mas has an intention to represent her mosaic panel called “Post vs Proto-Renessance” at Venice Biennale, that will last from June 4 till November 27, 2011.

In particular, the artist will recreate the Ghent altar – cult work of van Eyck for the Western world, established in 1432 and known as the first work of Renaissance. Performed by Oksana Mas altar will consist of eggs, painted in the kind of sins and fears.

The panel will consist of eight components of 6 X 6 meters. Part of them will be exhibited in the pavilion, part – outside. In the eggs’ painting are participating representatives of 50 nationalities and different faiths.

Egg Mosaics

“For the sins of men it is impossible to distinguish, all they are the same. Therefore, the religious question, if it was the theme of disputes, now is withdrawn. Mankind is a single organism” – commented the artist.

In order to make the whole Ghent altar, we need 303 pieces of panel 6 on 6 meters. This is 3.4 million eggs. For comparison – a panel of St. Sophia Kyivska has 14 thousand eggs. If the altar was once able toto gather, it will be 92 meters in heights and 134 meters in width.