The aviation industry, according to the United Nations, accounts for nearly half of the pollution attributable to transportation.

Here’s a list of electric aircrafts:

Solar Impulse (above)

11,628 solar panels installed on the wings of Solar Impulse could harvest sun’s energy to power the aircraft for up to 36 hours. The electric aircraft features wingspan as large as Airbus A340. Weighing 1600kg, the aircraft is as heavy as a car.


Sunseeker II


Sunseeker I was the world’s first solar-powered aircraft.


Pipistrel Taurus Electro


Powered by 101-pound lithium-polymer battery pack, the Taurus Electro is a 700-pound lightweight aircraft.


Yuneec International E430


This two-seat, V-tailed, single engine composite aircraft is designed by Yuneec International.


ENFICA-FC’s Rapid 200-FC electric aircraft


The first high-speed taxiing tests of Rapid 200-FC electric aircraft.




The 100 percent eco-friendly aircraft is powered by an electric motor, which matches the efficiency of combustion engines.




Electraflyer is an eco-friendly aircraft from Electric Aircraft Corporation.


University of Cambridge’s electric aircraft

University of Cambridge

The fixed wing aircraft developed by University of Cambridge is powered by 10KW ultra-light brushless electric motors.


PC Aero all-electric single seat airplane

PC Aero

Elektra One, the two-seat lightweight aircraft from PC Aero was displayed for the first time at the Aero 2010


Antares DLR-H2


Antares DLR-H2 is the world’s first piloted aircraft powered by hydrogen fuel cell.