Air Car

Using the same ducted-fan technology as the SoloTrek XFV, as well as new technological advances in materials & electronics, the hybrid air car is a multi-passenger design the two hope can become a reality.

Moshier and Bulaga are looking to form a new company around this flying car venture, according to an announcement from the two of them.

This critical work, supported in part by $5 million in funding from DARPA, along with collaborative design assistance and wind-tunnel testing facilities at NASA Ames, resulted in world-wide recognition and accolades, including Popular Science’s Invention of the Year Award for the team’s innovative aircraft.

The Springtail EFV-4A is a fourth generation single engine powered-lift research vehicle. This craft was built for the express purpose of testing and proving our core technology. This was accomplished on November 5, 2003 when transition to forward flight was achieved. This vehicle is still in service and is being employed as a test bed for further enhancements and refinements to the technology. We are currently using this vehicle for expansion of the flight envelope.