The EEL by VeeV is a sculptural installation that makes legible “Transformative Presence” of Architecture. It explores the relationships of physical/material environment and human sensorial responses beyond visual. In the context of extreme micro-climate of San Francisco Bay, the EEL, like a living creature, detects and respond to environmental conditions.

EEL (4)

Meanwhile, it also senses park users proximity, which will activate electric charging heat transfer to warm up the top surface material. This surface will continue to release the heat giving the EEL thermal surface for human comfort. The EEL not unlike the sea creature will respond to these environmental stimuli by emitting light and color intensity relative to its shifting external conditions.

‘EEL’ is on exhibition at San Francisco’s Fort Mason center through June 2013 as part of the ‘seat‘ exhibition.

EEL (1)

EEL (2)

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