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The Elytron tiltrotor concept family of aircraft is designed for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), combined with the speed and efficiency advantages of fixed wing plane.

The Elytron tiltrotor solution provides the capability of helicopters, speed and simplicity of operation over any existing class of vertical take-off aircraft.

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This makes it ideally suited for various uses, such as emergency medical services, search and rescue, air taxi, and oil exploration.

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The Elytron design combines three sets of wings: one pair of rotary wings called “proprotors”, mounted on a single tilt-wing in central position, and two pairs of fixed wings. The fixed wings are split into a forward pair and an aft pair that are joined by winglets, which make use of the joined-wing concept. By splitting the wings apart, the design eliminates any interference with the thrust of the proprotors. The main wings have a high aspect ratio, are braced and can be built very light which reduces drag. Since the front and rear wings are joined together by winglets, they enclose the proprotors eliminating the risk of rotor strikes. The plane has superior glide ratios and low stall speeds because of this low wing loading design, and also displays excellent Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) capabilities.

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