Emperor Penguins

Awkward on land, emperor penguins soar through the sea. Now scientists have discovered the secret of their speed. An airborne penguin shows why it has a need for speed: To get out of the water, it may have to clear several feet of ice. A fast exit also helps it elude leopard seals, which often lurk at the ice edge.   Image © Paul Nicklen/National Geographic

Emperor PenguinsImage © Paul Nicklen/National Geographic

The danger of ambush by leopard seals is greatest when entering the water, so penguins sometimes linger at the edge of an ice hole for hours, waiting for one bold bird to plunge in.   

Emperor Penguins- Escape VelocityThe images are from the November edition of National Geographic magazine, with an exclusive video and interactive graphic that show penguins rocketing out of the water onto the ice.


Emperor PenguinsImage © Paul Nicklen/National Geographic

“These penguins have probably never seen a human in the water,” says photographer Paul Nicklen, “but it took them only seconds to realize that I posed no danger. They relaxed and allowed me to share their hole in the sea ice.”

source National Geographic