ERO Concrete Recycling Robot 1

The ERO concrete recycling robot by Omer Haciomeroglu from Sweden, can demolish an entire building and is one of the winning design of IDSA’s International Design Excellence awards.

Images © Omer Haciomeroglu

Demolishing a building is a very dedicated technique by using dynamite which is loud and dangerous.

The ERO concrete recycling robot is capable not only of breaking down the building’s concrete, but also of pumping out the raw materials and storing them for reuse.

ERO Concrete Recycling Robot 3

Haciomeroglu, said: “In order to overcome later separation and ease the transport of materials, the process had to start with separation on the spot. It was a challenge to switch from brutal pulverizing to smart deconstruction.”

“The ERO Concrete Recycling Robot was designed to efficiently disassemble concrete structures without any waste, dust or separation and enable reclaimed building materials to be reused for new prefabricated concrete buildings. It does so by using a water jet to crack the concrete surface, separate the waste and package the cleaned, dust-free material.

Current concrete-demolition techniques require a lot of power crushing, separation and machinery, not to mention they waste a lot of water in order to prevent dust blooms during operation. Transferring waste material to recycle stations outside the city wastes time, the end result of which means that the materials can be reused only in very limited areas.”

ERO Concrete Recycling Robot 2

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