Evergrande Tower by Terry Farrell

Evergrande Tower in Jinan’s Shandong by UK firm Terry Farrell and partners, will become China’s second tallest skyscraper standing at 560 meters, slightly below the 632-meter Shanghai Tower.    Image © Terry Farrell and partners

The Evergrande Tower International Finance Center, with a total gross floor area of 1.1 million square meters, at a cost about 4 billion USD, will comprises an hotel, residential apartments, office space, entertainment venues, commercial space and more.

According to local reporting, China will be the country with the most skyscrapers in the world, with 1,318 skyscrapers to be built-in the coming 10 years, investing more than CNY 1.7 trillion.

Evergrande Tower by Terry FarrellImage © Terry Farrell and partners

source Terry Farrell and partners