Extreme Machine

This is a Custom built trike “The Extreme Machine”. Every detail was considered including dashboard instrumentation, seating and custom painting .

Extreme Machine

This trike is 17.5′ long and 7′ wide, and it is easy to steer. In normal driving, the handle bars, swing through a very small arc and can make a U-Turn in 21 feet, less than a 2009 Corvette. The front of this trike is custom designed and holds 2 Patents.  The frame work of this trike also is custom designed and holds 3 Patents.

I have driven this trike about 54,000 miles in 10 years. It’s powered by a 350ci LT1 Corvette motor and is Supercharged with a Weiand Pro Series Blower. This trike looks, feels and sounds like a dragster but with only 3 wheels. It gives me the ultimate in performance without sacrificing comfort or safety and features a Chromoly frame that is reinforced throughout and can withstand this 700+hp fire breathing monster engine. “The Extreme Machine” is NOT a backyard venture but a fully engineered and wind tunneled trike unlike some of the other trikes.

The bottom line is, I wanted to build a motorcycle that was safe and that no one else had. It worked! Everywhere I go, people stop me to take pictures. I estimate that over 1,000,000 pictures have been taken of these trikes over the last 8 years by people visiting Florida.