Saharan Cheetah

One of the world’s most elusive cats has finally been photographed

Saharan Cheetah2

For a year now the Saharan cheetah has only been spotted three times and never photographed there, until now.

SCF’s Dr Thomas Rabeil told the BBC: ‘The cheetahs of Termit Massif are extremely shy, rarely revealing themselves to researchers and few visitors go there.

‘Very little is known about the behavioural differences between the two cheetahs, as they have never been studied in the wild.

Saharan Cheetah3

There are thought to be less than 250 adult Northwest African or Saharan cheetahs, making the subspecies critically endangered, but very little is known about the cat.

The cheetah is found across the Sahara desert and savannah of north and west Africa in small, fragmented populations, the biggest of which is thought to be in Algeria.

via dailymail