F-22 and F-35 II (5)

F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II, two most technologically advanced military jets, flying together for the first time.

F-22 Raptor (top two) and F-35 Lightning II (bottom two. Images credit 58th Fighter Squadron

F-22 and F-35 II (4)

Lt. Col. Matt Renbarger, commander of the 58th Fighter Squadron, said:

“When the F-22 and F-35 come together, it brings out the strength of both airplanes The F-22 was built to be an air-to-air superiority fighter and the F-35 was built to be a strike fighter. These airplanes complement each other and we’re trying to learn how to take that from a design perspective into a tactical arena and be the most effective combat team we can be working with the F-22s.”

F-22 and F-35 II (3)

F-22 and F-35 II (2)

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