Faradair BEHA

Faradair BEHA world’s first true hybrid aircraft, combines electric motors and a bio-diesel engine.

The Faradair BEHA (Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft) is a triple box-wing design concept, inspired by the de Havilland Dragon Rapide iconic British design from the 1930s.

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Our Registered design ‘triple-box wing’ configuration promises relatively unique flight characteristics and operational advantages focusing on high-lift generation and economical power. The ability to take off and land on purely electric power, offers the potential for near silent flight operation and the possibility for night flight capability into and around urban environments. This single capability could revolutionise urban flying with the considerable reduction of emissions and noise pollution, making BEHA a friend of those living nearby.

The brand new bio-diesel motor will be primarily used as on-board generator for the electric motors, with additional benefit of failsafe reserve and additional cruise power. In addition to developing this new generator powerplant with one of our key partners, Faradair will also be co-developing state of the art solar skins and wind turbine technologies, to deliver new levels of energy recovery and innovative power creation devices. These technologies will enable the aircraft to ‘recharge’ either during operational flight or when parked on the ground.

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