XV-58 Manta Vertical Takeoff plane

A Vertical Takeoff plane design with hidden rotors at the wings, can fly three times faster than helicopters.   Image © AHS International

The “XV-58 Manta” very fast Vertical Takeoff Plane, designed by students at the Georgia Institute of Technology and won the American Helicopter Society (AHS) International competition.

The competition was made to encourage engineering students to study and design vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) planes.

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The XV-58 Manta, is a ‘manned fan-in-wing’ that looks like a manta ray, with two fixed props in the tail.

St. Louis University was recognized as the undergraduate winner of the ‘Best New Entrant’ award and Politecnico di Milano as Best New Entrant for the graduate category.

XV-58 Manta Vertical Takeoff plane (1)


AHS International Executive Director Michael J. Hirschberg, said:

“We are very grateful that AgustaWestland decided to make such a significant increase in support to the competition, allowing us to increase both the number and the amount of the awards. This was one of our most exciting design competitions to date. It attracted 28 teams, including schools from Canada, India, Italy, Mexico, the US and the UK. We hope that the publicity generated from these awards will encourage even more schools to compete in the future.”

Read more at the competition page.

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