PillCam camera that you swallow 2

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now approved PillCam camera that you swallow, a pill-sized camera that passes through a patient’s gastrointestinal tract.   Watch the video…

PillCam COLON allows a safe and accurate examination without requiring sedation, can achieve similar imaging results to a colonoscopy.

PillCam camera that you swallow 1

PillCamCOLON capsule endoscopy is a minimally invasive tool for direct visualization of the colon, including identifying the occurrence of polyps.  PillCam COLON is complementary to colonoscopy and may be used as an alternative for those who refuse other invasive colon exams or in some patients who have higher risk for complications from colonoscopy including patients with bleeding, or sedation risks, previous incomplete colonoscopy or for patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

This animated video shows how PillCam® COLON 2 travels naturally through the GI tract while capturing images of the colon. This is the only non-invasive colon exam that can directly visualize polyps after an incomplete colonoscopy.

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