Ferrari 458 spider

The 458 spider ferrari is a retractable hard top berlinetta coupe, modeled as a convertible version of the ‘458 italia’. With a 4.5L V8 engine producing 570-horsepower and a maximum torque of 398 lb-ft, the vehicle reaches a maximum speed of 198mph (320km/hr), attaining 0-62mph (0-100km/hr) in 3.4 seconds.

Ferrari 458 spider (4)
A dual-clutch F1 paddle-shift seven-speed transmission features ferrari’s racetrack-honed ‘e-diff’ technology for improved performance.

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The hard-top is composed entirely of aluminum, reducing weight by 25kg as compared to a traditional folding soft-top, and raising and lowering in 14 seconds.  An adjustable electric wind top around the car’s cockpit diffuses air and thus reduces noise, reportedly capable of enabling normal conversation at speeds of up to 200km/hr (124mph).

The ‘spider’ measures 14.5 feet long by 6.3 feet wide and 4 feet tall (4527 x 1937 x 1211 mm), sitting on 20-inch wheels. The rear of the car features buttresses that guide airflow to the engine intakes and clutch radiator.