Ferrari's special Schumacher tribute

Scuderia Ferrari, along with two hundred fans, organized a tribute to one of their greatest heroes, the seven-time F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher, for his 45th birthday, on January 3rd.

Images © Ferrari

Ferrari's special Schumacher tribute 2

Over two hundred fans from Italian and French Scuderia Ferrari Clubs converged on the Grenoble university hospital today, while many others, from Germany and Spain, responded to the call from Ferrari, to pay a special tribute to Michael Schumacher on his forty fifth birthday.

The Ferrari Heart which was displayed today in the hospital car park in the French city was held up by the hands of those present but also metaphorically by the strength of the millions of fans from around the world who today are even closer than ever to Michael, as he fights the hardest challenge of his life.

Forza Michael!

via Scuderia Ferrari Facebook, Scuderia Ferrari