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FieldCandy is an exciting design-led brand of tents. “We want to delight you with our products. The average tent we believe isn’t fun, they all look the same, we don’t think that’s right. A tent should say something about who’s inside it, our tents are fun, exciting, iconic, individual and simply unmissable.”

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We are a small group, with design, creative, entrepreneurial and financial experience.

We’re committed to best environmental practice in design, material specification, manufacture, distribution and end-of-life disposal of our product.

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Our exclusive flysheets are printed in the UK by a leading hi-definition printer, using fabric manufactured in the UK. The printed fabric is then machined to our exact specifications by another specialist UK company. The 100% natural cotton inner tent is produced in China using regionally grown cotton. Our manufacturer has a worldwide reputation for quality and has ISO standards accreditation and easily achieves our code of conduct.

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We use aluminum tent poles and pegs manufactured using an innovative acid-free process that is much less environmentally damaging than conventional methods. The zips and other fixings and fittings are made by the world’s leading zip supplier. All our accessories are manufactured on behalf of FieldCandy by specialist producers in the UK and Europe.
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