Fire and Ice of Mount Etna

The photo above showing a small eruption on Mount Etna on the island of Sicily was captured earlier this week. It was taken near my home in Mascalucia approximately 5.5 mi (9 km) from the base of Mount Etna. Photographer: Giuseppe Pappa

In order to enhance the incandescent lava flowing down the volcano’s snow-covered flank, I used a 15-second exposure. Mount Etna is Europe’s highest volcano at 10,900 ft (3,325 m) and one of its most active. In fact, eruptions have been documented here for about 3,500 years. At this time of year, it’s slopes are often snow covered.

Two separate ski areas on Mount Etna take advantage of the snowy conditions — the second most southerly ski resort in Europe.

Photo taken at 10:20 on the night of February 8, 2012.

via EPOD