cloak to protect forest firefighters

Developing new and improved 3000F fire escape cloak using spaceship tech, for forest firefighters and for families.

Jim Moseley based in Southern California, developing both a new & improved 3000F fire shelter for firefighters as well as a 3000F evacuation cloak for families. Home fires do the most damage to people by their hair and clothing catching fire first.  The clothing actually melds into the skin while it’s burning.

Our hooded evacuation cloak that will cover the majority of your body is a combination of NASA  based  ceramic fiber blanket and  3000F Zirconia / Inconel spray.   You can wrap yourself in the hooded cloak, along with a front infant pouch and exit a burning home with far less risk of your hair or clothes catching fire.   The video on our site demonstrates that I can melt a penny on the material with no damage to the material.  We will also be working on a optional breathing apparatis available to prevent smoke inhalation / or oxygen deprevation which kill more people each year than the actual fires.

via indiegogo