Fire near Nuclear Facility

Flames from the Las Conchas fire burn in the hills above Los Alamos National Laboratory, a nuclear facility in New Mexico.

Scientists have been called in to check the atmosphere around the Los Alamos National Laboratory for radioactive particles -as firefighters struggle to contain a wildfire around the nuclear weapons complex.

Fire Los Alamos

Officials stressed the deployment of the specialist teams was a ‘precaution’ after the bush fire burned through another 10,000 acres overnight.

But the flames are at the edge of the large nuclear facility that houses 20,000 barrels of plutonium waste, in New Mexico.

The laboratory, which houses some of the world’s most advanced supercomputers, is also home to America’s largest supply of nuclear weapons, causing firemen and residents alike to panic.

Authorities said there was little threat to sensitive areas of the 28,000-acre complex, where hazardous materials are stored in underground concrete and steel bunkers.