Advertisment On The Moon

Otsuka, the company that makes Pocari Sweat, will send a can of the powdered drink to the moon. It will be the first advertisement on our satellite.

Otsuka just announced a plan to send its Lunar Dream Capsule Project, a 1 kg container filled with drink powder.

“Recently, a great discovery was made about the moon. It was found that water exists on the lunar surface and that it has the same composition as water on Earth. Fueled by the dream of a future where people can mix and drink Pocari Sweat with water from the moon, we are taking off for the lunar surface with Pocari Sweat in powder form. We will wait expectantly—from over 380,000 kilometers away—for the day when people touch down on the lunar surface and drink Pocari Sweat made with the moon’s own water.”

via theverge