Nuseti Inner Drive System

Nuseti is world’s first mountain bike equipped with the Inner Drive System, a revolutionary gear unit.   Watch the video…

Nuseti’s top quality project, developed especially for anyone who appreciates mountain biking.

This project just started on Kickstarter.

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The key of the whole project is the Drive System – an innovative, completely encapsulated drive unit that is absolutely resistant to mechanical and weather factors.

The planetary gearbox, as well as the rest of the working elements (chain, chainrings, freewheel), are completely enclosed in the frame construction and remain permanently lubricated. The working elements don’t get contaminated with dust, mud, etc., which makes the drive free from frequent maintenance and very durable. The IDS is absolutely unaffected by weather conditions and always works at its highest efficiency, even riding in the worst conditions you can imagine.

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