First ever Thought-Controlled Drone

Researchers at the University of Minnesota revealed a flying robot, a drone controlled by thought. Most important, the project has implications from unmanned vehicles to paraplegic mobility! Basically this is telekinesis!    Have a look at the video…

The technology may someday allow people robbed of speech and mobility by neurodegenerative diseases to regain function by controlling artificial limbs, wheelchairs, or other devices.

According to Journal of Neuro Engineering: Five human subjects were trained to modulate their thoughts to control the navigation of an AR Drone, assisted via a forward facing camera on it.

As a results subjects were able to accurately acquire up to 90.5% of all valid targets presented.

First ever Thought-Controlled Drone

“Freely exploring and interacting with the world around us is a crucial element of autonomy that is lost in the context of neurodegenerative disease. Brain–computer interfaces are systems that aim to restore or enhance a user’s ability to interact with the environment via a computer and through the use of only thought. We demonstrate for the first time the ability to control a flying robot in 3D physical space using noninvasive scalp recorded EEG in humans. Our work indicates the potential of noninvasive EEG-based BCI systems for accomplish complex control in 3D physical space.”

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source Journal of Neuro Engineering